A number of the books listed below can be purchased at The Book Depository.

Veriditas also has a wide range of books and journals for purchase.

Australian online book seller Booktopia also stocks a wide range of books.

ISBN Search is a great place to explore books about Labyrinths, searching for Artress Lauren, Walking a Sacred Path is a good starter.

In a lot of ways there is no real reason to purchase any of these books for yourself as you enter your journey into the labyrinth, any public library will have a good selection of readings relating to them. The dewey number where you will find Labyrinth books is 291.37

Artress Lauren, Walking a Sacred Path, 1996 Riverhead, NY

Bord Janet, Mazes and Labyrinths of the World, 1976 Latimer Press, London

Fisher Adrian, Labyrinths: Solving the Riddle of the Maze, 1991 Harmony, NY

Lonegren Sig, Labyrinths, Ancient Myths and Modern Uses, 1991 Gothic Image Pub. Glastonbury.

Matthews, W.H., Mazes & Labyrinths, their History and Development, 1970 Dover, NY

Sands Helen Raphael, Labyrinth, Pathway to meditation & Healing, 2001 Gaia, London

Candolini Gernot, Mandalas, Labyrinthes,1999 Le Courier du Livre, Paris

Chritchlow, K Carroll J & Lee LV, Charres Maze: A Model of the Universe?, 1975 Rilko Trust, Cambridge

Charpentier Louis, The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral,1972 Rilko Books, Rye

Purse Jill, The Mystic Spiral Journey of the Soul, 1977 Thames & Hudson, London

Schaper Donna & Camp Carol Ann Labyrinths from the Outside in,2000 Skylight paths, Vermont

Geoffrion Jill K.G., Living the Labyrinth,2000 Pilgrim press Cleveland

Lauren Artress The Sacred Path Companion :2006

Maquis Attali and Rev. Lauren Artress The labyrinth in Culture and Society: Pahways to wisdom 1999

Dr. Shirley A. Kujawa-Holbrook Pilgrimage the sacred Art:Journey to the Centre of the Heart 2011

Eve Eschner Hogan Way of the Winding Path:a Map for the Labyrinth of Life 2010

Robert D. Ferre Classical Labyrinths: Construction Manual 2014

Linus Mundy Prayer-walking. A simple Path to Body-&-Soul Fitness 1994

Ultimately Hume In the Labyrinth 2001

Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion Pondering the Labyrinth 2007

Liz Simpson The Magic of Labyrinths 2002

Jim Buchanan Labyrinths for the Spirit to create etc. 2007

Robin Deen Carnes & Sally Craig Sacred Circles, a guide to creating your own Women's Spirituality Group 2008

Phil Cousineau The Art of Sacred Pilgrimage 1998

Gordon Strachan Chartres.Sacred Geomety,Sacred Space 2003

Dominique Naet Le Labyrinthe de la Cathedrale de Reims 1996

Virginia Westbury Labyrinths.Ancient Paths of Wisdom and Peace 2001

Glennie Kindred Sacred Celebrations 2001

Jeff Saward Labyrinths & Mazes 2003

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