1. What is a labyrinth?

An ancient meditational walking path which can help to put you in touch with your inner centre by balancing, calming and healing. Labs are usually in the form of a circle with a meandering but purposeful path from the edge to the centre and back out again. Each has only one path but once we make a choice to enter it, the path becomes a metaphor for our journey thru life. The Lab is a spiritual tool meant to awaken us to the deep rhythm that unites us to ourselves and to the Light that calls from within.
In surrendering to the winding path the soul finds healing and wholeness.

The Lab. Is a sacred place and can give us first hand experience of the Divine

2. Why walk it?

To take "time out" for oneself to get in touch with your spiritual self. Exploring this ancient meditational walking tool for connecting body, mind and spirit.

3. Why are you promoting it?

As an aid to help people calm down in this frenetic world

For the peace and the calming effect it gives.

For direction and guidance on pressing issues.

To journey to your inner centre and back out into the world
with a clearer vision of your real path in life.

4. Is it Christian or pagan?

The designs were used by both ancient prechristian peoples and in the Mediaeval cathedrals (eg. Chartres). It has been used by people of many different faiths as a centering tool.

5. Can it "heal"?

Yes, it can have that effect. It has been sucessfully incorporated in medical, palliative care and retreat centres.

6. Can I get lost in it?

No, there is only one path into the centre and the same returning out.

7. Is it a new age fad?

Some will say so, but it is actually Middle age or aged!

8. What if I walked it and nothing happened?

Did I do something wrong? No. It is not like that.There is no wrong way to walk a labyrinth. I believe that some preparation for the walk helps you to benefit more. It is a private time for your spiritual journey. Like prayer and meditation its effects are not predictible or programable.

9. What does the labyrinth symbolize?

The spiraling, twisting path of life towards the centre. The shape is a symbol of the archetypal feminine, there is a uterine energy in the spiraling into the central womb and the birthing out. The Cretan model used 272 stones which is approximately the number of days for human gestation.

10. Where can I find out more about Labyrinths?

Veriditas is an organisation dedicated to inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience.


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