When I set up this site in 2004, it was the first for Australia and was intended to be provide free information sharing for curious viewers, and it still is a free resource!

I am an artist and designer who wants to help people find an Australian way and home for Labyrinths to share and walk.

I make portable canvas ones and design in ground patterns with clients to suit their particular situation and piece of land.

I have no desire to run an organisation but I can design meaningful rituals, and ceremonies.

I have been cooperating with others who are keen to see good facilitator training available here regularly and for regional communities too. I would happily work to design the program.

Now that we have an organisation for labyrinths in Australia for you to join please use it. I would like to thank all of you for your support over these formative years.

Labyrinth Link Australia, in partnership with the Australian Labyrinth Network are Not for Profit Associations interested in spreading the calming and healing use of the Labyrinth throughout our great country.

We invite you to join us, to share your interest in this ancient meditational path. Collectively, we can create a range of labyrinth educational initiatives and create a web of labyrinths across this country. It’s the Australian way.

To join our membership:

To access that latest news, labyrinth events, resources and people in your geographic area and from across Australia go to:

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